TeamViewer vs LogMeIn – Which Remote Software is the Best?

Two of the most popular remote access software these days is TeamViewer as well as LogMeIn. This is why people who are in need of remote software that will allow them to connect to their personal computers would go online and search for TeamViewer vs LogMeIn information just to find out which of them is really worth it. So read on to find out more information.


TeamViewer allows you to install the software for free on two computers and will let you control your remote PC using your own computer. Make sure however that both PCs are connected to the Internet. If you own two PCs at home, then you can test everything by simply connecting these two personal computers. To find out the best remote software between TeamViewer vs LogMeIn, let us identify the best features of TeamViewer first:

• It can connect to a virtual meeting with 25 or more people.
• It has shortcut features for specific operating systems, thus, making navigation so easy.
• It is best for businesses that are in need of large scale remote software that will give them easy access to their computers and those who are in need of a free powerful remote program for individual use.
• As for the price, the TeamViewer offers a 3% off coupon online.


To complete this TeamViewer vs LogMeIn review, let us find out next what would be the best features that we can get with LogMeIn. The remote software allows you to access your personal computers even from a distance with the use of a PC or a laptop computer. The device comes in handy and so if ever you travel far away and you forgot some important files on your PC, you don’t need to drive back home just to get them. Simply install LogMeIn on another PC and you will be able to have access to the PC at home. Here are the best features of LogMeIn:

• It is easy to use anywhere you are without the need for installation.
• It’s best for users who only need a few computer connections and want a light and functional remote connection.
• It’s the cheaper option as it costs only $20 per month for five computers.

On this TeamViewer vs LogMeIn review, all the best features of each remote server were presented so it is basically up to you to decide which remote software will you be willing to invest in. Consider your purpose and of course your budget.

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