LogMeIn123 Rescue

If you are using LogMeIn123 services you will also find information on LogMeIn123 Rescue that allows customers and even companies to access their work computers through remote support. This is really a good feature that most people can make use of especially when they want to use another computer that they can access physically. The best benefit that customers can make use of the LogMeIn123 Rescue is that customers don’t have to install any software and the connections are made instantly to ensure better connectivity and remote support.

LogMeIn123 Rescue Features

LogMeIn123 Rescue features some of the best options that can allow customers and even corporate firms to handle their remotely used computers from any location on the planet.

Support Tools for Technicians

The LogMeIn123 Rescue is an additional feature that allows company technicians to offer better support to the customers and clients that would like to have remote support of various computers. With the help of LogMeIn123 Rescue company representatives can solve various problems and improve the overall quality of service.

Some of the salient features of LogMeIn123 Rescue are:

- Unattended Access
- Integrated Content Portal
- Communication Tools
- Instant Chat
- Multi-Platform Remote Control
- Rescue Desktop App
- Smartphone Support

Collaboration Tools

There are many collaboration tools that allow managers and technicians to resolve the problems combinely.

Some of the aspects of this tool are:

- Internal Technician Collaboration
- External Technician Collaboration
- Session Transfer

Tools for Manager

LogMeIn123 Rescue tool also allows support technicians to offer better services like

Technician and Administration Management

Support Session Recording

Customer Surveys

Technician and Customer Satisfaction Reporting

Administration Center

It also allows efficient session management and queuing that allows the technicians to route the call to the right technician which makes the entire process simpler and easier. This method offers multiple connection method, auto routing, session transfer and alerts.

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